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Online Keyword Selection for Yandex Search Engine

$0,03 per request Not included in the annual subscription. Not included in the annual subscription.
Source:   Yandex

πŸŽ“ An online service for semantic analysis and keyword selection from Yandex Wordstat

The "Keyword Selection for Yandex Search Engine" service allows for semantic analysis, keyword selection from Yandex Wordstat, clustering, efficient grouping, counting the share of commercial keywords, and exporting results to CSV and Excel.

The cloud service for semantic analysis in the Yandex search engine provides a convenient online interface, turbo-speed phrase collection, and significantly lower prices compared to competitors. The service includes an automatic clusterizer, tools for phrase analysis, counting of commerce and main pages, as well as a fast word stemmer for cleaning. The ability to export data in CSV and Excel formats makes it a powerful tool for professional work. πŸ’Ό

The cosmic speed of phrase parsing allows forgetting about long waits for data collection. The service`s unique algorithms enable the collection of even large cores of keywords in a matter of minutes, easily verifiable in practice. Running a parsing task, even with 10-15 main keywords, leads to a quick completion and obtaining data on more than 3500 keywords with their monthly frequencies in the search engine. πŸš€

The service efficiently works with the grouping of keywords, providing high-speed data processing and no delays in displaying results. Various tools are available for grouping, including collecting phrase frequencies for a month from Wordstat. The unique algorithm allows gathering complex combinations quickly, and missing frequencies can be additionally collected within a ready project. πŸ› οΈ

The service offers flexibility in selecting regions for parsing, providing the option to both choose and exclude specific regions. These capabilities make it a powerful and convenient tool for effective work with the semantic core and content optimization for Yandex requirements. πŸ—ΊοΈ