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The French postal operator owns over 7,000 postal branch bureaus, offering not only postal communication services but also financial products through its subsidiary La Banque postale, including the mobile bank Ma French Bank.

The La Poste Group, the largest national employer in France with 265,000 employees in 2013, includes a network of more than 7,000 postal branch bureaus. However, this activity has decreased, and since 2015, it represents less than half of the group`s total business volume.

Since 2011, all postal activities in France have been subject to competition, giving customers the option to choose between different postal operators for mail delivery.

The network of postal branch bureaus not only ensures mail distribution but also sells group products, such as banking services, insurance, and telephony.

Since 2006, La Poste`s financial services have been separated into a distinct subsidiary - La Banque postale, which manages accounts for 10.5 million active clients and 400,000 corporate clients. The bank offers a complete range of banking services, including loans, insurance, and pension provision.

Additionally, in July 2019, the mobile bank Ma French Bank, a 100% subsidiary of La Banque Postale, was launched, open to the general public.