Russia Address Autocomplete
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Russia Address Autocomplete Free plan: Up to 10,000 daily requests at no charge Free plan: Up to 10,000 daily requests at no charge
The "Russia Address Autocomplete" service ensures precise input of the postal address with the postal code, linking to the FIAS (GAR), city district, metro, and coordinates, excluding possible typos.
The state postal operator, providing domestic and international postal services, financial, and courier services.

Russia Post is the national state postal operator offering a wide range of services, including domestic and international postal services, as well as financial and courier services. Each mail item is assigned a unique tracking number, playing a key role in monitoring the movement and status of the parcel.

The tracking system is particularly useful in resolving potential disputes with the seller, providing control at each stage of delivery, and informing both the sender and the recipient of the delivery status. International shipments can be sent as registered or unregistered, giving senders a choice based on their needs.

Tracking Russia Post mail items by the identification number is done through the Barcode Postal Identifier, consisting of 14 digits. This number includes information about the recipient`s post office, the month of barcode printing, the unique shipment number, and the check digit. It allows tracking the shipment at each stage, including acceptance at the post office, sorting, customs procedures, and delivery.

In addition, tracking registered mail is done through the fiscal receipt issued after paying the forwarding service. This receipt contains the registered mail number, serving as the identification number for tracking the status of the shipment. The first status, "Accepted at the post office," appears immediately after dispatch, ensuring instant tracking.

This tracking approach makes it not only an effective means of controlling the shipment but also a tool in addressing potential questions about the status, location, and compliance with delivery deadlines for postal items.