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Check diploma in Russia

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🎓 The benefit of our online diploma verification service in Russia

The "Online Diploma Verification through API" service conducts searches and matches data with information from the only official registry in Russia, containing official information about diplomas in all professions.

In Russia, where the importance of authentic diplomas is hard to overstate, there is an effective mechanism for ensuring the credibility of educational documents. This tool is the Federal Register of Information on Education and Qualifications, or simply FRDO. 🏫

What is FRDO and its benefits?

Established in 2013, FRDO acts as the custodian of information about diplomas in all professions in Russia. This official registry, formed and maintained by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, serves several important purposes.
1. Elimination of counterfeit documents: FRDO prevents the circulation of counterfeit state education documents, providing a reliable verification system.
2. Providing reliable information: Data transmission to FRDO from licensed educational centers allows authorities and employers to obtain reliable information about the qualifications of candidates.
3. Reduction of violations and corruption: FRDO reduces the number of violations and corruption in educational institutions, ensuring transparency in the diploma issuance process.
4. Improvement of education quality: Providing the public with reliable information about graduates contributes to the improvement of education quality in the country.

In simpler terms, FRDO is a key tool ensuring the authenticity of diplomas and building trust in the education system. 🌐

How does FRDO work and who benefits?

Since January 1, 2019, educational centers are obliged to transfer data about listeners who have received additional professional education to FRDO. This includes courses for professional development and retraining. The Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science collects, stores, and updates this information on secure FRDO FIS servers. 🔄

Who and why is interested in checking certificates from courses?
- Employees: Those who have undergone training in programs of additional professional education can verify the validity of their diplomas by checking them in the official FRDO registry. This provides confidence that their efforts in education are recognized and confirmed.
- Employers and HR professionals: For employers, verifying the authenticity of the diplomas of applicants becomes an important tool. It ensures confidence in the qualifications of new employees and helps avoid potential problems in the future.

Are there official registries by professions?

No, in Russia, there are no separate federal registries for various professions, such as certified accountants, HR specialists, or occupational safety specialists. Instead, the unified official registry FRDO is used, consolidating data on all issued education and qualification documents in the country. 🔄

What to remember?

If you have completed courses for professional development or retraining in a licensed educational center, you do not need to register in other registries. All information about your diploma is automatically transmitted to FRDO. And remember that information about issued education documents is entered into the registry within 60 days from the date of issue. 📅

Thus, using the online diploma verification service in Russia becomes an important step in ensuring transparency and reliability in the education system, building trust among employees, employers, and society as a whole. 🌟